You must be wondering what is dolfin emotion?? (sounds SO seapunk init ? ) actually it is not “what is it” but “who are they”. Dolfin emotion are 2 guys who’ve met each others in Lille, it is located in a island surrounded by crustaceans, molluscs and prawns.
 Their tracks will make your Emotion more and more flying into the ocean and swimming over the space (yeah, it’s TRUE). Their instrumental influences are Violion jellyfish, triangle of starfish, synth of whales and of course the flute of dolfins whistling. All of these music instruments make a kind of Trappy seapunk STYLE.
 PLUS: Happy 2 make the cover with my lovely sister Zazou Disco ( with Boldtron )
 Let’s wait for more sounds, I’m kinda xcited!
Source : SoundCloud / Dolphin Emotion
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