Realness is an Austin-based Dj and producer who has been producing and mixing dance music since 2006. He is originally from Brooklyn, circa 1980. He is focused from classic 70s/80s disco to modern bass-soaked electro and house music

 I had the chance to meet him in Barcelona two summers ago and I should say we consider ourselves cosmic brotherz/loverz. We share a lot of esthetic and passions, that’s probably the reason why we met.

 I’m devoted to that kind of multiple and prolific personalities, Realness is also diggin’ in another medias, as photography or live act / art stuff / videoclips / DIY with an awesome sense of ( as I say ) nowness.

 Talking about his music monikers, he is splitting time with DXY ( Dirty Yellow Xtasy ), MVSCLZ, and djing/producing under Realness name.

 That DXY project is based in Ghetto Bass House. Go to Realness, u will tell me then.


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