From @Tookytooky in Columbia this great track called YULE GLOW  is sort of an introduction to his new sound. He’ve been venturing into "Slow Rave" a style of music inspired by Rave music of all types but explores how sadder, slower sounds can be just as energetic and intense.

  Ramphastos ( as he claims ) is proud to be one of the first few doing this kind of style : ” I’ve listened to a lot of producers lately like Balam Acab, Jamie XX, Cedaa, Rustie, and Palace, but also a lot of modern Club Rap producers like 40, Just blaze, and Boi-1da “.  

 Combined with his love of older soul and pop music and  Lo-Fi electronica, Ramphastos put it all together into druggy, bittersweet, music that is as soulful as it is chopped and screwed.

 Ramphastos as in the way I knew him firstly was TOUCANS mentioned here but changed the name for different reasons. Long Life Slow Ravers!